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28 December 2005 @ 09:57 pm
Justins comming over tomarrow :)
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27 December 2005 @ 01:32 am
Hey Hey..Well it's been forever!

The past few weeks have been great! Christmas was awesome...I got a buncha clothes from Hollister and American Eagle...some other clothes from other places but I cant remember lol And I gotta bunch of like Make-up and Lotions and stuff like that....OH yeah I got my new Coat oh gosh I love it soo much!! its got like the furry hood! lol its soo cute...ohh gosh Then best thing of all is Justin...He's from Salem...I've been talking to him for a while and he asked me out tonight lol I'm so happy..hes so good to me I love it so much lol He plays on the J.V basketball team and on the Varsity football team at Salem which is cool lol I hope we stay together for a long time :)

Well today I woke up at like 12...called Haley because she wanted me to come over so they picked me up on the way to wal mart...Haley went and bought tanning sessions..then we went to wal-mart...saw a buncha people lol it was to crowded...we forgot some kinda food so we stopped at J/C STore to get it Me and Haley went in...couldnt find the stuff we looked for it for 15 minutes lol but then we came back to her house and did nothing lol act like our stupid selves lol j/p..Then my mom came and got me and we went to my Grandmas for left overs lol it was fun I guess..then I came home took down the Christmas tree in my room..Then talked to Justin the rest of the night lol the BEST part of my day..gosh he makes me so happy I'm soo very glad I found someone lol but I think I'm gonna get offa here and go to bed....I'll update later...Byebye

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Hey Hey

Well its been like forever since I've wrote in here so yeah...

The past week has been really good..some parts annoyed the crap outta me..well some people lol..(not saying name) lol We had 2 ball games this week they went good..we lifted on Thursday...did really good...uhh Friday sucked we had to run a mile lol but omg got to see "him" lol LOVE those Hugs!!!! lol But ya know lol

Last night I spent the night with Carley..we had a good time.Just bein stupid lol then Tom called her this morning to tell her about her step brothers wedding that she had to go to..and she had nothing to wear so me,Carley and her mom went to Madison to get her an outfit lol
well...my mommy went to do some more Christmas shopping for me last night lol I found a HUGE Hollister bag and a few American Eagle bags! I'm so excited lol and I know my grandma got me stuff from there too...and he got me the coat and sweater I wanted...My moms goin to Seymour on Monday to finish people up I guess...shes gonna get me and few more things she said and I want some new necklaces and ear rings too! lol

But OMG yesterday when Mom was gonna take me to Carleys...we found out we had a flat tire it sucked soo bad lol so we had to drive my dads truck I mean Idc I love it and all but its really big lol and this morning Mommy went and got all new tires for it and its all better now! lol and then me and mom went to get some presents for people..we finnished Carley,Hailey,and Sylvia lol and still a few more to go lol But I'm gonna get offa here so I'll ttyl

Loves, Emily
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13 December 2005 @ 07:41 pm
Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In August I turned davidengle14 in for eating carbs (3 points). In September I punched allya_08 in the arm (-10 points). Last Sunday I gave xgunsgobang_78 a wet willie, then I took it back (-5 points). Last Wednesday I set tennis_babe_91's puppy on fire (-66 points). In November I ate my brussel sprouts (1 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-77 points). For Christmas I deserve a spanking!


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11 December 2005 @ 06:36 pm
Hello Hello!

Well my weekend was awesome! lol

As you all know I went shopping with Haley on Friday...we had a good time as always..."it must be the sweater" lol rite Hay! But yeah.We went to the mall and like there was no one there...but owell...then we went to the Bass Pro. Omg that place was so boring but we had to go because of Cody...Haley was taking pictures of the animals! lol..We ate lunch at O'Charles! Then we went to Old Navy and came home..They dropped me off at my house and I cleaned my room and that dumb stuff..my mom left for work and I didnt wanna sit at home on a Saturday night..so I talked to Carley and she asked me to stay the night with here...OMG we had the funnest time ever it was hilarious..Carley and Tom..(her step dad) came and got me then we went to wal mart and walked around for a while..Carley bought the Sims..Then after we left there..we went and got Polar Pops! OMG then we went to the pet store..and people were bring there animals in to get there pictures taken with Santa! We wanted to so bad! lol So we asked Santa if we could get our pictures taken with him and since we didnt have our pets if we could get one from the store! we got the FERRETS! omg I love ferrets there so cute! lol It was hilarious! We can pick them up on Wednesday! lol Then we went back to Carleys house and watched t.v,got on the computer,hung out with her mom and Tom...lol we had a good time lol Then this morning we got up and got ready...and went to wal mart again to take the Sims back because it wouldnt download on her computer! lol "EXCUSE ME! Can I get some service I'm gonna be late for work!!" lol rite Carley good times good times lol But yah today me and my mommy went to Seymour...came home and I've been watching t.v ever since and talked to Carley on the phone and thats about it lol I heard it was suppost to snow like 1-3 in. I'm excited mayb we wont have school tomarrow lol but I'm sure we probly will! OMG my mommy gave me my boots!!!!!!!! I knew she would! I'm so happy! lol Well I guess I'm gonna get offa here! ttyl

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09 December 2005 @ 10:52 pm
Going shopping in the morning! :) with no other than...HALEY! lol
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09 December 2005 @ 08:55 pm
Hey Hey..

Well todays been really fun and CRAZY! lol which it always is when I spend it with the greatest person ever! no other than HALEY freaken Vannarsdall! lol..I got up at like 9:30 got my shower and got ready went to Haleys at 11:30..we had a good time..talked on the internet,ate,took pics in the snow...thers on my myspace but Haley thought he looked bad so she cut her out so its me and her arms! lol but Idc lol Then the "thing" happend lol rite Hay not gonna go into that omg I hate those Bitches! lol But yeah I had a good day I'm really tired for some reason Idk but I wont go to bed untill like 12 I just know it lol...Well I guess I'm gonna go ttyl!

love Emily!
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08 December 2005 @ 03:40 pm
Hey Hey!

Well I havent wrote in here in a few days so here we go! lol

Yesterday-1st period had test...2nd gay,3rd gay had a mean sub....4th stupid had the same mean sub.LUNCH awesome got to see the "hotties" lol rite Carley.5th alrite,6th ok,7th fun I guess Mr.Deaton came in there when me and Hailey were talkin to J.P omg He scares! me lol I was like LEAVE! lol 8th was ok....Our practice was canceled yesterday so I came home at 3:30..I came home and did nothing lol omg I went to bed at 7! it was so weird lol I never do that! lol....anyways...

Today- was good we had a half day...1st period,talked the whole time....2nd talked the whole time,3rd same,4th same lol,5th had to read a story but I didnt do it lol,6th we were like locked out of the room so we stood out in the hallway..then Mr.Carter came and unlocked and gave us like this really really weird "speach" lol then Mr.Nash was our sub..everyone was like Shit not Nash lol But he was pretty cool! lol then 7th was ok bugged J.P then Lunch Sucked the highschool was in watching a movie lol..8th Bargers class lol so hilarious...so but I went to my G-mas after school then my mom picked me up after she got off work and now I'm home! I'm sooo happy its snowwing I love the snow!! Well I guess I'm gonna go I dont have a game tonight anymore! lol Byebye

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06 December 2005 @ 03:32 pm
Hello Hello!

Well here we go...*lol*

Yesterday-was good,1st period,was alrite funny,2nd was gay,3rd was dumb,4th didnt go...me and Carley went to the swimming room so she could wash her hair! lol it was hilarious...I ran all the back to the middle school bathrooms to get soap..Hand soap! yeah thats what she washed her hair with lol! funny funny...But yeah...LUNCH funfun went in the gym to see some hotties! lol 5th was alrite,6th was ok had some great talks with Carley...7th was fun had J.P lol and 8th was ok kinda fun...
We had a game yesterday..We won DUHH lol We did really good..the cheerleaders I mean lol j/p but yeah lol we had a good time! Then I came home took a shower and went to bed..

Today-has been really good and hilaious! lol 1st period,gay..taking a test,2nd gay,3rd ok,4th alrite we just talked the whole time,Lunch...fun,HILARIOUS!lol (Big .B. Party this weekend) lol rite Carley) haha fun! 5th was boring,6th was ok,7th was fun had J.P lol I love that class its so fun...Mr.Barger high-five! lol rite Hailey! 8th funny..and boring lol.

Omg today I have the day off..no game,no practice...no nothing just my day to do what I want lol I'm so happy...lol Tomarrow we have practice after school till 4:30 we are learing half of the half-time dance I'm so excited its cute...and on Thurday we have a game and we have a half day! Happy :) lol But omg lol I think I'm starting to like someone...but Idk if my mom would let me go out with someone his age lol But Idk beats me! I just miss having a boyfriend...and I would be on "cloud nine" haha rite Sylvia if he was my boyfriend! lol Because he's super hot...lol but Haleys gonna kill me when she finds out who it is! lol
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04 December 2005 @ 04:29 pm
Hello Hello!

Well I havent wrote in here in a few days soo yeah lol..

Yesterday I got up at like 7 to get ready to go shopping! Like the whole family went...well almost..in our car it was Me,Mommy,Grandma,and my two aunts Dixie and Kay. We had a good time.Omg they are crazy lol Well I know 3 things I'm getting for Cristmas, and new coat! I'm soo excited its got like the fur around the hood and its short like stops at the waist its black and has like two little pockets on the front and it can botton or zip! I love it I cant wait! Then My BOOTS! I cant wait.My mom said I could mayb get them a week early! I so happy.. :) Then I also got this long sleeve shirt its blue,and green and idk what else but its got like the dimond shapes on the front! Idk how to expain you'll just have to see! Oh yeah it was so funny we ate lunch at Texas Roadhouse and there was so many of us we went back to like the party room thing and its devided in two and the other side like the Louisville traveling..Hocky team I think came in there and there was like 20 boys! and like they were all hot! I was like, LOOK AT ALL THE BOYS! It was funnylol But las night all I did was Watch movies and sleep...The same thing as today I woke up at like 12:30 lol thats really late for me! But yeah The Big in 05 awards comes on tonight VH1 cant wait...Well I guess I'm gonna go ttyl!


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